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About Svenska Järn

Svenska Järn- och Metallskrothandlareföreningen (The Swedish Iron and Metal Scrap Traders’ Association, Henceforth called “Svenska Järn”) is an 91 years old association with 60 member companies, most of them in Sweden. The association’s mission is to protect the members financial and business technical interests in handling RMR and to work for a healthy development of the trade of and processing of RMR, such as ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, and other recyclable material.

The membership in Svenska Järn includes:

Network meetings.
Be involved and make a impact – the board works with the issues related to your business.
Scrap price index once a week
Free legal advice in employment law, collective agreements, business law.

Cost of the membership:

Medlemsavgift: 500 kronor.
Serviceavgift: 2,750 kronor + 0,45 procent av företagets lönekostnad, dock lägst 2,057 kronor och högst 15,125 kronor.

Supporting member

As a supporting member, you have the opportunity to participate in the associations meetings and the subsequent dinner. At these gatherings, you as a supporting member have the opportunity to sponsor parts of the gatherings. Then you get an exclusive opportunity to present and expose your business. Your logo will be visible on Svenska Järn’s website and according to Svenska Järns guidelines you may send out information to all the members of the association, via Svenska Järns internal newsletter. As a supporting member, according to the statutes, you do not have voting rights.

Support members pay a annual service fee of SEK 17.000 in addition to the membership fee.

If you’re interested in membership, please contact us for more information. 

Do you want to attend a meeting without becoming a member? Contact us! 

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